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Boxcar Satan is a three-piece band from San Antonio, Texas, that deconstructs American roots music and pours a particularly venomous brand of self-loathing noise from the demon bottle.

Sanford Allen
Patrick Sane

Depression-era Delta blues, post-industrial field hollers, free improvization and a healthy dose of post-punk skronk are fused together like quadruplets joined at the head. Call it no-account, no wave blues if you must cling to labels.

Boxcar Satan guitarist/vocalist Sanford Allen and bassist Patrick Sane are alumni of Texas industrial terrorists Evil Mothers.
Since an early ‘90s formation in a haze of beer and gin, the band has churned out a substantial catalog of releases that have received critical praise from home and abroad. The angular, genre-jumping disks have drawn comparisons to Pere Ubu, Howlin’ Wolf, the Birthday Party, Muddy Waters, Captain Beefheart, Eric Dolphy and the Fall, among others.
Boxcar Satan also has toured the United States about a half dozen times, playing everywhere from smoky dive bars and bingo halls to highbrow art galleries and San Francisco’s Church of Satan.

Touble All Its Own Hobo Nouveau No One at the Wheel
Black Water Rising Upstanding and Indigent Crooked Mile March
Days Before the Flood Boxcar Satan / Loraxx Split EP Texas Barroom Revival
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