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Boxcar Satan - Upstanding and IndigentOn its third long player, Boxcar Satan continues to defy expectations and expands its already diverse sonic palette by ornamenting its noisy, post-punk take on pre-war blues with touches of Cajun music, gospel and even tasteful prog. Honing their songs with a newfound melodicism and complexity, the Boxcars spin tales of train-wreck lives, bandit queens and carnival freakshow stars. And their take on the Depression-era song "How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?" seems all too appropriate in the current political environment.

Recorded after the addition of former Worm, 1.0 and Shit City Dreamgirls drummer Ken Robinson, we defy you to find one clunker amid the 16 tracks here.

Released October 2003 on DogFingers Recordings. Recorded at Tribal Studios in San Antonio, Texas by Chad Garrett. Cover art by James Cobb.


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Boxcar Satan - Upstanding and Indigent

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