+++ MUSIC/NOISE - Friends and Contemporaries +++

Blackout Booking - Our booking agent. Feel free to drop him a line and offer us a staggeringly huge guarantee.

Butterylicious - Information and downloads related to legendary scatological Texas band Crust and current offshoot 12AX7.

Cactus Face Records - Psychedelic music for psychotic people. Boxcar Satan tested and Boxcar Satan approved.

DogFingers Records - They're our label. We gotta mention 'em.

Gorch Fock - Austin's masters of nautical wall-of-sound psych noise. Like shore leave on 6 or 7 hits of windowpane.

The Graves Brothers Deluxe - A San Francisco band mining a similarly noir-ish vein of post-punk weirdness to Boxcar Satan.

Heroine Sheiks - An ex-Cow, an ex-Swan and other weirdoes make funny scary music. Or is it scary funny music?

Jumbo's Killcrane - So heavy you might as well be listening while submerged in motor oil.

Loraxx - Complex, jagged, abrasive. Arista means it when she says "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!"

Los Mescaleros - Dark, twisted blues from four standup fellows. Our favorite San Antonio band.

Perverted Son Records - Home of fucked up bands like Oh, Beast!, Gorch Fock, Tia Carrera... and fun... and stuff.

Rev. Vince Anderson - Boxcar Satan's spiritual advisor, occasional bandmate and purveyor of inspirational "panty-droppin' gospel."

The Spark - Subversive and ear-punishingly loud instrumental no wave from the Alamo City. Headphones are go!

Stinking Lizaveta- Post-punk instrumental trio from Philadelphia. Think Black Flag playing Coltrane charts.

+++ MUSIC/NOISE - Roots and Influences +++

Black Eye Records Jukebox - A great blog detailing the strange and swampy Australian noise rock scene that was a major influence on Boxcar Satan.

Captain Beefheart Radar Station - A dense and info-packed fan site for musical genius Captain Beefheart and his visual artist alter-ego Don Van Vliet.

European Free Improvisation Pages - Bios, sound files and tons more documenting the evolution of free improv music in Europe and elsewhere.

The Ex - Being politically relevant and musically inventive for more than 20 years is no mean feat. Check out this amazing Dutch band's Web site.

The Fall - Mark E. Smith's long-running and confrontational band.

Foetus - Go on -- get some on your breath!

Goodbye Jeffrey Lee - Stories, tabs, lyrics, and links related to Jeffrey Lee Pierce, the patron saint of swampunk blues.

Serge Gainsbourg - This smooth genius gives the term "Dirty Frenchman" a whole new meaning.

Saturn: Sun Ra and his Arkestra - Cool page dedicated to the late, great explorer of space and sound.

Stories from the House of Ram - Long gone Taco Land was and ever shall be Boxcar Satan's favorite place to play. Ram Ayala was and ever shall be our great friend and spiritual advisor. God bless he and Gypsy Doug.
Henry Weld and Paul Routenburg's Texas Punk Discography - If there's a better listing of early Texas punk recordings out there on the Net, we've been hard pressed to find it.

Ubu Projex - The official website of avant garage greats Pere Ubu and various offshoots.

+++ ART/ANTI-ART +++

6fingers.com - The web page of James Cobb, the man responsible for Boxcar Satan's album art and sax squalks.

Chick Publications - Jack T. Chick's handheld comedies designed to scare the hell out of you. Chick Tracts get read!

Museum of Bad Art - Sometimes you can tell a lot about a society by looking through its garbage.

The Graphics Guy - Boxcar Satan's Web Master, graphics guru, Mac Guy and all around swell egg.

The Artchive - Think of it as a virtual art museum. No pesky donation required.


Flannery O'Connor - She should need no introduction.

Harry Crews - He's unsurpassed at writing ugly stories about the ugly things ugly humans do each other.

Jim Goad - Misunderstood social critic or redneck asshole? Your call.

Joe R. Lansdale - The world's best horror/suspense writer is from Texas.

Michael Moore - Dude, we're also wondering what happened to our country.


Adbusters Culture Jammers - Taking on the archetypal mind polluters - Marlboro, Budweiser, Benetton, Coke, McDonald's, Calvin Klein - and beating them at their own game.

Axis Archive - Written, sonic and aesthetic terrorism files on: Burroughs, Coil, Coum Transmissions, Crowley, Current 93, Throbbing Gristle, etc.

Mayhem.net - Internet crime archives and smart artwork. Find out out which killers are prowling your neck of the woods.

Waco: The Rules of Engagement - Find out what REALLY happened to The Lamb.


Krazy Kat Music - San Antonio, Texas music shop specializing in vintage guitars, fair prices and the occasional smart-ass remark.

KSYM - San Antonio alternative radio featuring live web feed.

KVRX - Austin alternative radio featuring live web feed.

Dennis Havlena's Homemade Musical Instrument Page - An extensive guide to making whirligigs, washtub bases, bobby-pin kalimbas and harp koras. Enough instructions to outfit a 40-piece hobo orchestra.

Theremin World - What they are, how they work and even how to build one!

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